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Web Design | WebDesign, Professional Web Design and Web-hosting from Romania, creates and hosts quality websites, registers Internet domains at affordable prices

PlusNet Computers if offering you full services of Web Design European quality at competitive prices.

From graphic draft to HTML, scripting PHP, design, data bases, achievement of flash animation, signing up and promotion of the site until the hosting and supporting it.

We use traditional technology in the construction of the web sites pages, but also we use the most advanced methods so we offer to your site dynamism and an attractive appearance.

Our proposal is extremely wealthy, beginning with simple pages of introduction, complete sites, with a detailed presentation of your firm, products or services that you have to offer, page that includes text, flash animation, virtual store, online questionnaire, soundings, etc.


Why do you need a site ?


Advantages of the web site for your business


Using the newest methods of publicity is imperative and the costs of making a web site are smaller than other forms of publicity witch are very expensive and represents only a temporary solution. It’s less expensive than a press advertising , television or witch other method, offering complete information of your product and you can keep in touch with your clients wherever they are.

The content of your web site can be changed very easily in accordance with the changes from your application or your offer and the costs of the web site’s service are very low.

The web site will help you to decrease the costs bind by the information distribution that can be put up to date quickly on the site with new information about the products or your services, witch is faster and less expensive than reprinting promotional materials and sending them through the mail.

You can facilitate placement of online orders and verification of the degree that are the orders, you can place online a catalogue with products and you can offer a form for the contact with firm’s staff through e-mail.

The presence on the Internet is 24 hours a day, 7 days from 7 and 365 days on year.

Through a web site you can present your products and services to the people all around the world this way you have access to a market that you couldn’t reach any other way.

The promotion of a business is an essential thing for the development of the firm and a web site will bring you something additionally to your firm.

Even if you are an individual or a legal entity the presence on the Internet of your organization or firm is a necessity in the world of business.

The web site is the image thar your firm or organization reveals to your clients and partners.

Even if you have a big company or a business in the beginning , a firm who respect itself wants a web site with an unique design and attractive in accordance with firm’s identity, intuitive navigation, the most important dates to be easy to found, minimum loading time and to leave a good impression to the visitors.

With obvious information, at the day, in a pleasant and attractive shape, efficient code and a good position in the seeking engine, the web site is a great method to make publicity.

This investment is not going to bring you directly a growth of the sales, but you will benefit an useful device for the quick promotion of your products or services.

If you still don’t have a web page think only what a potential sale market you’ll lose.

Order here one of the pages that are included in this presentation or you can order a personalized page.

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